pic: Compressor Cooler

These are the fans mounted on the compressor


(I wonder how legal that is?)

Very good question, and, I would think, worthy of a Q&A from the team if they want to ensure they don’t have issues with legality in Duluth two weeks from now!

What rule would make that illegal, assuming those are legal fans?

Would it be considered “modifying” the compressor?


What’s your thought on just using a zip tie to attach the fan to the top (that’s what we have now). Compressor was not taken apart, but would the zip ties holding the fan on be a modification?

I wouldn’t think zip ties would be a modification. I might worry, however, about what happens to that zip tie if the compressor gets hot…

While I like the idea of fans keeping the compressor cool, I will advise you that this configuration (and now this compressor) is illegal as you have modified the compressor by removing the screws. <R65>

These would work nicely I would think.

That look really good! keep up the good work.

I know the compressors get hot but is it really necessary? If it works effectively then it’s totally worth it.

Where have these been all my life? :yikes:

It depends on how often the compressor runs. The little compressor is rated at only 9% duty cycle, so if you don’t let it cool off for 20 minutes between matches, it can over heat enough to either damage the compressor, or melt the plastic tubing connecting the compressor to the rest of the pneumatic system.

Pointing a fan at the compressor is a good idea. Mounting the fan to the compressor itself to accomplish this, might not be a good idea (and it might be contrary to the rules about modifying pneumatic components)