pic: condorRIP

Inspired by the old robot discussion, I give you the end of Condor. It served us well, lo those 4 years, but we were being squeezed for space, and gosh darn it, it isn't as young and pretty as it once was. But we'll always have the memories.

This is a joke right?

PLEASE tell me this is a joke. I can’t sleep.


I hope all the good stuff from it came off. Like the pnuematics and the motors and did i say the pnuematics?


not the condor!!!
this has to be a joke!!

box that mother up and ship it to FL…ill give it a good home…

AHHH!!! WHAT DID U DO TO MY BABY!!!.. eh I’m over it now.

I would like to say a few words.
Condor may have not been the fastest robot.
Condor may have not been the prettiest robot.
But it was…a robot.
Napoleon Dynamite once asked “Does the chicken have large talons,” I can honestly say Condor had large talons.
Condor did some things well, like when she bit the dust, she at it hard. (LSR Semi-Finals '01)
Condor gave us some things we never expected, like a 4 wheel base with independent suspension.
Condor gave us some things we never wanted, like a 4 wheel base with independent suspension.

Condor we now commit your body to the landfill and your soul to the Spirit of FIRST

hmmm don’t know what to say for sure here…
I hate to see old robots taken apart or cut up.
There are many teams out there that can use many of the parts
for spares or repairs and many teams need parts to teach new
kids some of the basics…

This is something I hope does’nt happen to our first (last years)
robot…We are concidering having some basic robotics classes
during the summer and if we don’t have enough extra parts
might take apart the frame from ours.
I really hope not…some how the old ones deserve a better
fate than that.

How DARE you desecrate a robot like that. Whatever happened to veteran benefits? WHY??? :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Quick! Ship it to Leland High School, 6677 Camden Avenue. San Jose, CA 95120.
It would live the warm company of Quixilver2005 and Quixilver2006. :slight_smile:

Say you’re kidding. PLEASE say you’re kidding.

It must be a joke, there are two Victors still on there. At ~$120 each I’m sure I’d take those off. Even if they were Victor 883s they are still useful. And the wheels.

I sincerely hope this is a joke, and I am fairly certain it is. There are lots of robotless rookie teams that could use a demo bot or a practice bot to program, plus of course many of those parts would be useful to other have-not teams. My conscience tells me this isn’t real, it’d make too many stomachs churn.

Why chuck it when you could


it? :wink:

Never throw old robots away!!!
Take them apart and use for parts, maybe.

But throwing them away?!?!?! :ahh:

(falls over in chair and faints)

Noo!! ship it to me I WILL TAKE IT!!!

i think i’ll take my chances with this dude with the blow torch.

How could one throw a robot away - this is upsetting what you really should’ve done was donate it to an up and coming rookie team which can absolutely use it or see who on chiefdelphi would like to be the new owner of it, I know I wouldn’t have minded taken it off your hands. =( this upsets me (goes off and cries) :frowning:

It’s got to be a joke. No one in their right mind would throw away that much t-slot. If you ARE tossing it though, we’ll gladly take the frame off your hands…