pic: Congrats Koko Ed.

Big congrats to Koko Ed for being chosen IRI Volunteer of the Year!

Extremely well deserved! We have the fortune of working with Koko MANY times a year. This year alone we saw him at the Orlando Regional, Boston Regional, Championship, Battlecry, Beantown Blitz and IRI.

Couldn’t have chosen a better volunteer of the year! Congrats buddy!


Ed is the hardest working guy I know. He is everywhere. Congrats.

Very deserving for a caring and dedicated volunteer at many events every year.

Congrats, Ed!

A most deserved award for a truly dedicated volunteer!

Thanks for keeping everyone in line at so many events.

Congrats - well deserved as a mentor that is always involved, sharing his passion for the program.

Well done Ed, and well deserved.

Very, very well-deserved. Congrats Ed, and thanks for everything that you do!

Koko Ed is everybody’s homeboy.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ed at two Battlecry events. In both instances, he was very helpful to me as a not-so-serial-volunteer, as well as the rest of the volunteer team. Ed getting his recognition as a volunteer brings a smile to my face. Congrats Ed.

Congrats Ed! A well deserved honor.

Ed is perhaps one of the most dedicated individuals to the ideals of FIRST I have met…when I think of changing the culture,of educating our youth, of inspiring those around us, Mr. Patterson is on my “Top Ten” list.

AND he’s pretty darn funny! Anyone at the 2013 BC 14 Andy Grady led “Match Game” will most certainly agree with me!

I should have brought my t-shirts down to sell.

I was soooooooooooooooooooo bad that night.:o

Congrats Commissioner/Homeboy Ed. A well deserved title indeed.

Congrats Koko Ed. you truly deserved the award, after being a great help here on Chief Delphi and all of the time and effort you devote to FIRST.

Congrats, Ed!!!

So well deserved. Thanks for all you do!

Congratulations Ed! We all appreciate what you have personally done to make FIRST great.

Now I REALLY wish I went to IRI this year… Long time coming for Ed to get a Volunteer of the Year… FIRST should have given him this long ago… I don’t know any other volunteer who volunteers at every single week there is an event, and helps with a team, and helps run an offseason!! From Queuing to Field Management to Halloween Decorator extraordinaire (Ruckus!)… this man is unstoppable and easily the friendliest face in FIRST!!

And I can’t help myself…
So proud that Koko Ed stayed at my Home Boy!..
Alright that was seriously lame…

Congrats Ed!! We love you!

Haha that was a funny game!

Thanks for all you do! I think Koko Ed might be the only volunteer who can count the competitions he HASN’T been too!