pic: cooking for the team.

Ive always said FIRST should have more baked goods . .cookies . . brownies . . cake . .fudge . . cup cakes . . Mmmm cup cake

before pre ship, we had a robotics hangout day and i made dozens and dozens of hello kitty shaped waffles for the team (thanks to my handy hello kity waffle maker :stuck_out_tongue: )

i think every team should have a day to just have fun, and share some sweets. or waffles… :smiley:

haha…you’re team is lucky…you get real food. We usually go through packs of oreos or pretzels before you can blink though…

(A teacher last year suggested that we rename the electrical team the “snack club” because of all the extra people sitting around eating all the time…lol…)

do you guys want to join 612 we lack expertise in the culinary engineering :cool:

how cute!
i wish we could have hello kitty shaped sweets :slight_smile:
one day you have to come here and bring your hello kitty waffle maker! :smiley:

we’re called “the Kitchen Comission” :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I would love to do that!
maybe next year i’ll head over to volunteer. :wink:
(with my hello kitty waffle maker of course!)