pic: Cool, but depressing...

Here is a picture of a local gas station with our team number as the price for 87 fuel.
It’s pretty cool when you first see it, but then you realize that you’re paying that much for gas…

And sometimes the price changes to Miss Daisy’s, 341.

It’ll get really depressing when it gets around $11.26.:ahh: :frowning:

You know what would really be cool? If they could finally do away with the 9/10 of a cent thing. Given the price of gas, does the illusion of an extra penny really make much sense any more?

9/10 shows that you could get a minimum of 9/10 of a gallon of gass since it is measured by flow not wieght

i just hope gas doens’t reach my teams number $26.04…

last night i paid 121.8/L (Vulcan Robotics), last summer the most i paid was 154.7/L (where’s waldo) =O

Driving home from the LA regional we saw a gas station with our team number as the price…

I think we even took a picture!


I’ll be sure to post a picture when it hits $9.31, so you can fill up before it gets to your depression level. :wink:

[Sorry, it passed $1.91 a while back, and probably won’t be there again soon.]

You know, 9/10 sure made a difference when gas was $0.24.9/gal. Yes I am THAT old.

It’s more depressing in Canada.

It was $1.08 CDN per litre in Mississauga. That’s $4.09 CDN per gallon. And of course Canadian money is worth more than American now (97 CDN cents per $1 USD), so it equates to about $4.22 USD per gallon.

So yeah needless to say I just bought enough to escape back across the border to the U.S. where the senseless gas price insanity isn’t quite as painful to the wallet.

WOW I remember when $1 CDN = $.50 US :eek:

I might suggest that the increase in the price of fossil fuels is not depressing at all.

It does require us to change some of our expectations and presumptions, and will cause some short term economic distress, but in the long term it will only hasten our transition to more efficient, lower pollution technologies.

Insert global warming rant here…


Well $5.48 per gallon is not too far away i am sure… :confused:

Well, I don’t think it got quite that low… .62 was near the low point as I recall… but if you think YOU remember it… try paying your FRC entry fees at that conversion rate.


My dearest brother, you are hilarious!

Although a cool number, I hope that gas does not get that high :yikes: !

What kind of gallons? Those big Imperial ones?

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to dtengineering again.

Here I am thinking it’s a good day when gas around here is just $3.05 a gallon. Murderous.

I wish it was that low near me :frowning:

Man the gas just overdrove 3.26, but i guess we have to pay it… it be hard pullnig a tailer to atlanta on 30 bikes :frowning:

this size…

I Remember seeing gas at 1.79

it made me laugh to. (and it was scarry back then…:frowning: )