pic: Cool, but depressing...

I think I just got 6 gallons for 20…not fun…

Any who back when I was the age of 8, so 9 years ago, I remember mom commenting that $ 1.43 was outrageous…

And to follow the trend, $ 19.83 would really suck, but $ 1.983 would be nice :slight_smile:

Well…I am sorry but as a German I can just laugh that such prices:
Super: 1.457 € per liter!
1 € = 1.5687 $
1 gallon = 3.78 liter
Ergo German Gas Price= 3.78 * 1.457 * 1.5687 = 8.64 $ per gallon!

Any questions left?
I am sorry and I know the prices are really high but still other prices are incredible. 864 might be happy to see their team number or not :stuck_out_tongue:

-Chris. 1983

:frowning: $6.12

Don’t think Hydrogen fuel cells are the answer. The big oil companies are going to regulate them too just like they do gasoline now.

Where will the hydrogen come from? OIL. They will inject the CO2 released from extracting the hydrogen deep into the Earth to prevent it(theoretical) from escaping into the atmosphere. The propaganda will be clean energy since the fuel cell doesn’t pollute to the air.

Extracting hydrogen from petrochemicals is one of the most inefficient processes and more polluting as far as CO2 release. It is worse than burning gasoline.

Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Many of you students take chemistry. Don’t be hoodwinked by the hype.

You are our future environment protectors. Wear the banner proud.

It seems as though bikes and robotics are related, and not just discussions of putting CIM motors on bikes. There’s also something funny about seeing seven or eight bikes stationed in the opposite corner from the robot in our build room. For those of you on nice big teams, our team consists of 15 students who come regularly, tops. And fewer if it isn’t competition season. Anyway, following the topic of this thread, it inches closer to $7.66 every day here in the Bay Area…

:rolleyes: 00.39 would be awesome

My understanding was that hydrogen for fuel cells could from from many places, including electrolysis powered by cleaner energy sources (wind, geothermal, tidal, solar, etc.), and that was the end goal. Inefficient it may be, but if the power for electrolysis comes from cleaner sources, it can provide a cleaner portable power source than either rechargeable batteries (many of which contain really nasty chemicals - cadmium for example) or gasoline (which also contains many really nasty chemicals, and has the obvious climate consequences).

Personally, I think that hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, methane powered vehicles, more efficient gasoline engines, etc. are just workarounds that ignore the obvious and somewhat undesirable solution - a shift to mass transit systems being the primary mode of travel.

In urban and suburban areas, maybe.

What about the folks who live in rural areas?

“Hey, Pa, what time ya reckon the bus arrives?”

“Aw shucks, Ma, mebbe 16 hours.”

“Shoot. Guessin I better saddle up our ol’ mule Charlene and head out…”

Retro. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an HVAC contractor and This winter I’ve watched my customers come to terms with rising energy prices. By 2010 we should be on par with most of the world. Some where between 5 to 6$ a gallon at the pump. Time to start thinking about conservation and efficiency. I’ve been lovin my geothermal heat pump this winter. Now if we could only get FIRST to change from the more power mentality to a efficiency and conservation mentality.

LIMIT the power available to teams in 2009.

Aside from the mule part that would be pretty correct for my area and pretty much the rest of PA.
i wish it would be $1.03 that would be great, i think it is around $3.25 or something close to that.

I hope I never see our team number as the price of gas.:smiley:

woah, that’s cheap!!! up here its about 1.10 a litre, and there’s 4 litres in a gallon so…up here is 4.40 a gallon (not counting the stupid 9/10 we don’t have that up here :D…but we do have decimals)

you guys got it lucky!

Bah, just come up here to east of Toronto, you’ll be able to pay 112.6c/L in a matter of days, last night it was 111.9… I remembered a picture karthik posted a while back of a petro canada station with 111.4 as the going rate.

Wwo, I’m just hoping that I don’t see my team number up on one!


Yeaahhhhhh! That would be intense! =p

yea this is no sweat, come up here to good ol’ canada and if this shocks you, then you might have a heartattack here

Be nice to see it drop to the Gearheads price of $1.02 :stuck_out_tongue: Things would be better then hahahaha

Hopefully gas never gets to the Purdue teams’ numbers. 461, 1646, and 1747. If it gets to 1646 and/or 1747 I will head off like Mad Max.