pic: Cool signage and lighted thingy's near the enterance to the store.

Ooh… Pretty lights… lol

This was the entrance to the official FIRST store at the bottom of the 4 or 5 escalators, on the same level as the pits in the GWCC.

I also found good sm,oothies behind the store as well. The only thing that bugged me was that everything I wanted to buy, was only available online at: http://www.logoloc.com/first/

ooohhhhh…aahhhhh… pretty

haha I remember those things… I tried to steal one but realized it was too big for my room… shrugs I’ll just have to get abigger room I guess…

yea but rember those shirts that had the writing on them (shirts this way --> ) ? i saw 2 kids wearing them at the party it was great probly the best shirts there !!