pic: Cooney Quest 269 Final Robot #2

we are done, us 2004 mentors really got this team going.

Wiring? wow :ahh:

Do you guys have one cim motor for each wheel???..

Ok ok you got us, this really isnt our final 2005 robot. Team #269 just wanted to continue the excitement of posting robot pictures on CD and creating havoc, just like we started doing in 1999.

This is just one of the potential design mockups sitting on top of a prototype drive. No way we would allow a robot to go into competition looking like this. We are pretty far along, but I’m sure our 2005 robot will look nothing like this ;).

And yes this model has a CIM gearbox for each wheel…

See, that is the interesting part. We never received four CIM motors before so I’m guessing this is a little more than just a mock-up. I have a feeling your actual robot will look more like this than you’d want us to know.

Anyway, you appear to have a worm gear drive for the CIM motor on each wheel. Could you please explain why you think being non-backdriveable is important and also why you are settling for a lower efficiency? Thanks.

the worm drives are there basically because they give us the reduction we need in i very small package, each of those gearboxes as you can see fit nicely off in the corner of the robot and we can build anything we want around them. The non-backdriveable part is just a byproduct of using the worm gears and not our reason for using them. As for settling for a lower efficiency, these are basically the same gear boxes we used last year for our two wheel drive system and were completely satisfied with their efficiency, performance, and robustness.

the interesting part of this drive is what lies between the two front wheels and the two rear wheels, although not readily visible in the photo

Aha! I know what it is. But I wont tell. Just tell me so I know if im right :smiley: