pic: Coopertition anyone? Our Ramp

Our ramp for 2010 breakaway

Golly, this is the first ramp bot I’ve seen besides ours (MARS 1523)!!! Fantastic!

Now our ramp is a bit steeper and comes off the side. It also raises to 22" with pneumatics, so besides one robot using the ramp to get onto the platform, a second robot can just stay on top of us as long as it’s touching the platform.

Does your ramp go high enough to get 2 more points for a robot sitting on top of you?

Are you going to let a robot climb on top of you or use it as a take off ramp?

Wait I’m a bit confused? It looks good though.


Okay. It is a ramp for letting other robots to drive up on and get onto the platform or either make it easier for them to lift themselves up. As well as having them up above the platform. To get the extra points. Its plainted the way it is, because those teams who have line following well we modeled it after the field. And it works for our line detection so we are really trying to make it as easy as possible.

And mr. 1523 MORT can you please send me a picture of your robot?

That is a really intense robot design guys. way to go, way to think out of the box.

If it works, I’m scrapping my hanging arm and building a ramp on top of my robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job. Are you concerned about the width at all?

Me= confused


When I saw it at the Fembots’ scrimmage, the edge of their ramps were literally right on the FRAME PERIMETER. And with those raised edges, it’ll be hard for teams to drive off of. Looks good, how did modifying those bumper mounts go?

Ok. Thanks for explaining. That’s what I thought but when I read it I was a.) in class and swamped with work multitasking too much and b.) was getting tired. lol It looks really great guys. Nice work.


Thanks michael long time no talk. Bumpers got deal and are modified. Also it works really well. Ill have a video of it deploying up asap. It holds 150 lbs. So we should be good to go. Thanks guys

I meant MARS was looking at a bot called MORT. And saw a post from MORT braind warped

Absolutely! Here’s a few:

here, here, here, and here.

Swamp 179 had a little trouble going up because they were front heavy, but when they turned around, they were fine going up.

Drivers, if you plan on going up a ramp, make sure you aren’t too front or top heavy.

I’d just like to point out our bot’s CG is centered axially and at the bottom of the bumper zone. I think the trick is to build up momentum, that’s how he got up there. Our arm looks heavy but it’s 7.5lbs.

Nice one of my team members/ friend thought of this! its really a nice to see on a robot.

Glad to think people had it in their minds whether in the back or front. I’m just glad it’s being received well. We feel this is one of our best robots yet and we are planning to prove it.

I saw a similar ramp bot at the FLR

And how did they fare? Did they work?

I don’t remember anyone actually climbing it unfortunately, but it was a very sturdy ramp (with a sweet wrong way sign on it!). Team 1518 I believe if you’re interested.

PS: I expect to see the word Coopertition™ trademarked the next time you use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding.

Team 2053 TigerTronics had one at FLR. Our team (1640) tried it on the practice ramp, but we didn’t have the traction (pic) to push up over the bar and onto the platform.

They deployed it on the field but as far as I know they didn’t have any takers.

It was a solid ramp with anti-slip tape, but the robot needed some momentum to get up and over. With 1" to spare on each side it would take some fine driving to make it work.

They are going to Cleveland, so they may get it to work then. We were pleased to get asked by them to practice on it.