pic: coopertition at new york tech valley regional

New coopertition at New York tech valley

Um…wha…how…video please?

Think I’d call that “40 points is 40 points”, as well as “Ain’t purty, but it works”. I’ve seen a few near-misses of that variety.

I don’t have one sorry. If I find one i’ll pm you a link

Why PM? Just post it here :slight_smile:

The good thing about coopertition is that it only has to last 3 seconds…and it doesn’t look like that one could last much longer (or maybe even that long - was that a successful stack?)

I want to see a 4 stacker coop. now end to end, straight up.

Hey any way you can get it :slight_smile: . Still counts as the 40 co op points. Great job haha.

The coop stayed until the end. Everyone in queue line and all the volunteers were shocked t work without getting fouls.

It lasted until the reset crew took it down.