pic: Copioli with a Poof

Copioli shows off the remains of a poof that managed to get stuck in the drive system of team 1714 during the quarter finals. The poof was presented to the team as a souvenir.

MAN! Paul, you must have been really hungry :smiley:

Was that the ball that 1714’s omni wheel tore up?
I have know i dea how it got in there but i just remember it got in there and was destroyed

gees i guess i gotta give Copioli a Shirt again this year, his isnt weird enough

Yes, but his hair sure is. Looks like he got too close to someone’s wheel shooter.


If nothing else, the ball coordinates nicely with the shirt.

The poof was the replacement for Karthik until IRI 2006.

Looks like someone snapped a picture of Paul during his light afternoon snack.

Paul says “Take a bite out of crime… or if there’s no crime around, then poof balls work too.”

deflatable? lol