pic: Corey and Kim


Well after Newton defeated Galileo in the Semifinals on Einstien, Alliance captians Corey Balint (25), and Kim Masi (177) were still in good spirits. awww. lol

I will go ahead and say it if only to annoy corey


what an adorable couple

hmm, #2 v #3.
I know who #2 is but who’s the cutie #3?



well its not even 2 + 3 from the same division… it was the semi-finilasts on einstien… i completely freaked out when i heard korei had to drive against his Gf’s team… im proud of the young lad… staying strong… not sucumbing to his GF for first famedom… or something =P

kim dont hurt me =D

and btw its Kim M from 177 their HP this year…

too cute too cute

I hate you all.


i <3 you.

haha, i can’t even type that without laughing at it.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (sorry Corey I had to join in)

Not gonna lie, that was one of the weirdest coincidences in my life.

Awwww Cor Cor’s growing up :wink:

And if only I could repeat the comment your sister made heheh :rolleyes:

and what comment was that just outta curiosity?

yeah…was an interesting hour…not gunna lie…


would never hurt ya harry…

and i was only the human player at Nationals/half the time in philly. we had to switch up the drive team a bit cause of prom. Alex Pelan was the origional HP

Awwwwwwwwwwww…such a cute and happy couple.


As soon as I realized you two would be up against each other I moved to the edge of my seat, I knew it was going to be a good match.

It was nice to meet you Kim, and I had a great time hanging out with you guys.

I hate it when that happens… you go against the team from which you have made a special acquaintance

I say that makes it more fun on the other hand. You also do get the braging right until next time. :smiley:

Has there ever been a picture of a FIRST couple on CD that was NOT “Aww-ed”?

On that note:

Jay, I hate you for stretching out the page

Is that better Chris?