pic: Corey Capping at MARM

Well you see, when you get a whole bunch of FIRST kids and seven robots together at a meeting with a few tetras, a nice period of free time, and one Mr. Corey Balint, fun things happen. Once Corey decided to see if he could top Lisa Rodriguez and fit inside a tetra, the fun began with robots capping tetras on top of him and plenty of lime green sharpie markers abound… though this picture doesn’t show it, a second goal was also placed on top. I wonder how many points you get for capping with a goal?

poor kid. i think we should stop beating down on Corey. the kid is a great person. no more sharpies and no more dezing people. come on. stop those shenanigans. (hahahaha i used the word shenanigans)

I smell a caption contest :ahh:

Seriously though, how exactly did you get the last tetra on top?

I bet 5 tasty treats that the last 4 or 5 tetras were placed at once. Anyone else think Mr. Balint looks like a gremlin?

PVC goals don’t weigh tooo much…

lol… this is great. How long did you guys leave him there before you set him free?

GO 1403!!!

I disagree.

Keep sharpie-in’, dezzin’, and shenanigizin’ Corey. He deserves every second of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

why? what did Corey do to get dezzed or sharped?

His name is Corey Balint :slight_smile:

We were supposed to release him?


either team 87s bot put the goal on or some one put it on i stepped outta the room for a little bit and missed that, also lisa gave corey one massive wedgie while he was in there! lol MARM was definately a good time too bad we left the 56 bot at home.

He climbed in one tetra, someone manually capped him, then all the 'bots took turns capping him. One team capped him with the first goal (25, i think, image THAT) And we manually capped the 2nd goal on top of him, didn’t weigh that much and we WERE talking to him if he was hurting/wanted to get out (at least i was) We sharpied him, someone tried to dez him, didn’t work. I suggested the wedge, and me & vishel (sp?) went for it, Vish was WAY more into that me, i grabbed what i could and pulled, vish dug and then pulled. And then smelled his hands. Mine didn’t smell like butt, apparently his did.

Corey looked especially nice after trying to wash off the green sharpie and becoming jaundice. It was fun!

Corey, didn’t my pictures of me in the stack the night before PARC teach you anything? I got white lithiumed and sharpied, you just got sharpied…there is much you have to learn yet young one…/goes back to drawing board/

Henry speaks from experience.

While we were cleaning up after Parc Henry said “lets see if I can fit in a tetra” he also said “stack some tetras on top of me”

Well, once several tetras were on him he got his cell phone taken away, his arms sharpied and his hands got white lithium grease all over them, and he also got stuck inside the tetra stack for a long time screaming in pain. :eek:

Henry has much yet to LEARN, more so than Corey!