pic: Corey likes sharpies

Before Arefin got the post sharpied pictures of Corey, i actually got one of them writing on him. In time, I believe he stopped resisting all types of marker attacks.

That was so funny seeing him like that, and after awhile Corey gave up on fighting it off cause I watched 108 get written all over his for head. now I wonder how many sharpies I should bring to PARC…

i think the main reason he quit resisting was because someone put him in a full-nelson, and folks just took turn signing his face.

lol Corey needs like a a a…Sharpie shield lol.

LoL it was even worse at Ramp Riot last year, he got pinned down 3 times and got written on LoL

I had 4 with me… red, blue (thanks to tiff), green, black… You can bring two… (black and blue), you should be good to go for the day. :slight_smile:

awww poor corey. i love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

i am to blame for this mess i held him. see you can see my flogging molly wrist band and my 25 chain bracelet.

Honestly…i love sharpie… :frowning: .

I would be offended if you ever saw me and didnt write on my face. :rolleyes:

just imagine what you could do with a paint roller and india ink…

yea your gonna get it at PARC… and then ramp riot, BE and the Duel. :slight_smile:

The pic says it all-----

Corey as an adult



I am very proud to say I’m the one that held him down for signing # (5? 6? 19?) of his face at the team party.

honestly, this is one of my favorite pictures from champs, i’m SO glad it came out so well…i know corey’s gonna be at beantown…anyone?

Later that night I saw him at dinner and you could still see quite a bit of purple marker on his face even after showering and trying to get it off…

poor corey :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in… I owe him big time for drawing some “shapes” on my face in NJ. :yikes:

Be afraid Corey, be very afraid! :smiley:

Must have been before I got there… don’t see my red sharpie on his forehead.

This is not near as bad as what we did to Corey at the Wrap up party…

corey had it coming lol…

it’s better than duct tape now…shapie comes off easy after a few scrubs in the shower

u’r welcome arefin for the blue sharpie

how about next time u guys actually draw something intresting…sharpie makes good nonpermant artwork on u’r skin

Boy oh boy. I wish you could see my red mark “Dori’s Property” in the back of his neck! =( I wasn’t there early enough. Poor kid…if anyone did that to me I’d glomp them like Genia glomped me…

But hey that was some classic stuff. XD