pic: Couldn't Ask For A better anouncer

This anouncer is great, totally pullin Rage Against the Machine at the MTV Music Awards on us.

Where was this? And was he the EmCee or the play by play announcer? Cause usually the announcer isn’t seen on the field.

This was at the Las Vegas regional! It’s Blair, and he’s the EmCee

hehe, that guys cool looking.

someone needs to post a pic of our announcer from GLR & West Mich. (Dave i’m pretty sure). anywho, he likes to shock the crowd by announcing the teams while doing a headstand and pointing with his feet. just amazing.

Blair is awesome! Definately a high class MCee, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy!

Blair is awsome… and if you see him down in Atlanta check out his shoes… I think they are just awesome! Even if they are not lime-green and black :stuck_out_tongue:

Blair is a great announcer and a great guy all-around. We were very lucky to have him at Purdue and it was loads of fun seeing him jump up on the center tetra like that!

Blair was one of the reasons I loved the Pittsburgh regional so much, he was full of energy.

At this point, it’s more of a tradition than a shock. :wink:

Do we know who the emcees for Nationals are yet?

Blair is one of the coolest FIRST personnel I know, he consistently shows his enthusiasm towards teams and is a very energetic guy.

Last year we kept giving Blair different things to use out on the field to introduce the teams.

Every time he would use those things and last year, because we loved him so much, we went to the mall in Annapolis and bought Blair an orange shirt with the drive team’s picture on it that said “Remember our name, you will be screaming it later!” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Blair was not at any of our regionals this year because he was only helping the first year regionals to get on their feet.

Blair has told me that he will be going to the Championships, however, I do not know what division he will be doing.

Blair is awesome!

I think I may have found the shoes Ducky was talking about, however, this is from the 2004 Championships, so he may have gotten cooler ones! (Bottom, Right)

He did that here in Israel too :wink:

Blair is the best announcer in FIRST, you’re extremely lucky to get him at your regional because it heightens the excitement tenfold.

As an announcer, I will attest to Blair’s greatness. Blair is now mainly an MC but he is also a great announcer. He was at the first Canadian Regional and gave me my first lessons in announcing. In 2002 I was told Thursday lunch that I would be announcing the next day. Blair patiently sat with me all afternoon with a com headset on as we both, off air, practiced announcing. From there it has been a constant growing and learning curve as I try to improve my announcing abilities. I am a slow learner and to this day find myself, all of a sudden, doing things I was instructed on day 1 by Blair. I was privileged this year to do 3 regionals with him and he is the BESTEST.

I hope that the reason that Blair was with me 3 times was not because I have been messing up and needed more tutelage.

At the first Toronto regional I met him - awsome guy.

Steve - you’re almost there - a few more dye leaks into the brain - and some sort of flaming shoes with your button vest - and you’ll be there! :stuck_out_tongue: