pic: Cow Tipping

This is ‘Bessy’, our 2006 robot, being tipped over by 1780. 1780 recieved a 5 point penalty for entering our robot.

This reminds me of a match between 1538 and 1023. The robots were very similar in size and shape, and they kept “attacking” each other. every time they did, they’d rock up on their bumpers, then back off and ten seconds later, they’d do it again.

I remember that match. I believe it was Match 65 on Archimedes. 1023 was undefeated and we held them down by their corner goal during their offensive period so they couldn’t score. Then they tried to block us during our offensive period, but failed to do so and we scored in the center goal. Great match and thank you 330 for being an awesome partner during that match.