pic: CowSwerve

We just got some of the first parts for our swerve drive in today.

How big are the wheels?

4" Wheels

Is this the same swerve design 254 used in 2008? :wink:

Nope, definitely an original and definitely not something another team made, that we’re posting for them…

Actually a lot of the parts you see here were designed over the last few years as we’ve slowly worked on our swerve prototypes.

Are yall looking to go over the bumps with those things? Cant wait to see it all together!


For some reason that was exactly what I was thinking. Either way, it’ll be awesome.

I think You should call it MAD COW Swerve. But otherwise looks like a good start.

I don’t believe 254 used a swerve drive in 2008.

I second that. Maybe you’re talking about the swerve parts they manufactured for another team (148?) and posted as a teaser?

And I can’t believe no one else has said this yet - HOLY COW! :smiley: It looks great!

Exactly. They posted a bunch of pictures of 148’s swerve modules and claimed them as their own to throw people off.

Oh you crazy moo cows you.

Can’t wait to see it in action.

I’m a little bit confused. Are you planning to drive that with only the FP in the picture, or are there more motors that aren’t attached yet, or is it a coaxial, or what? :confused:

And is it just the lighting, or are your wires black and white? :smiley: That’s awesome.

That sort of triangular plate looks like a V3 CIM plate with a FP on a CIM adapter. Guess would be for coaxial.

This is such a change from your beautifully simplistic design last year! From a total of 4 motors to swerve… Big transition. Are you planning on doing full swerve or crab?

Yes the wires on the FP motors are black and white. It’s a legal color combination that we’ve used the past few years.

Last year we were only 4 motors for… 4 matches, at the end of the day Friday in San Diego we added a 5th motor to make our dumper faster. That gearbox is only used to turn the modules and is capable of one or two motor inputs, it’s done early enough that we can start testing to see if one motor is enough to turn all the modules or if we need a second.

Sick. I love it. :smiley:

So you’re using at least one FP to turn the modules? Why not a lower-RPM window motor? Unless, of course, you’re using those already for … oh. I get it. :yikes: