pic: Coyobot VIII - Picking up tubes in Waterloo

Team 610 using its new manipulator design to pickup and turn those tubes on to the rack.

It looks pretty good. A very clean design and a good looking gripper. Keep up the good work:)

Awesome job guys!
you can tell a teams strength by how dynamic it is, innovating into the season and trying to make their robot better and better, you were a defensive powerhouse in Manchester, now, all im gonna say is; watch out toronto, Crescents back in the game!

Very Nice Job, and nice gripper…

I see my teams robots claw! (now pink to see it better on the field apparently). You guys did an awesome job in Waterloo and put up a good fight in the semi’s. Are you going to Greater Toronto?

Your roller claw has a feature alot of other the other rollers seem to be missing: speed. That thing pulls them in quickly, rolls them quickly, and lets them loose just the same. Very similar to 2079 (they were at Boston). This is the roller design that I’m scared of. You were scoring a ton at Waterloo, and I think if the control gets nailed down by the drivers, this thing could be deadly.

any video of this? id love to see some!

Check out match 2 and 25 from waterloo, they were two of our best. You can get them at:

Thanks for all the compliments, our new manipulator was far more effective then I ever imagined it could be, it has the capabilities to quickly suck up the tubes rotate them quickly and spit them out onto the rack. However, we had a ton of small (bad luck) problems throughout qualifying at Waterloo and had major problems with constancy, almost every match we had something go wrong with the bot. With Waterloo being our first regional (or practice) with this manipulator we learned that we needed to beef a couple things up on the design for GTR.

this is one of my favorite grippers that i’ve seen. I’ve got a few pics of you guys scoring at waterloo, just have to search through all the pics I took

Looks like you guys have gotten your act together since GSR. Great job!

I wish I could have seen this work at GSR like it did at Waterloo.

So do I :stuck_out_tongue:

Waterloo was basically a new bot for us, totally different then how we played at BAE.