pic: Crab Drive Prototype Weekend Build

This is for anyone who wants to explore crab drive and doesn’t know how to proceed. Each wheel is driven by CIM+ToughBox and tuned by hand for now, future versions will use the globe motors to turn the individual drive crabs.

Nice work there!


I like how much you boiled it down!

Is it still a crab drive if you have two non-rotating wheels in the back? :rolleyes:

This looks really fun and easy to build as a summer project, even for me!

Like Craig said, nice job boiling it down to the basics. Great work.:slight_smile:

Applause, I think this is testament that any team can do it if they can come up with a simplistic design tailored to your team strengths. For example if you don’t have anyone to weld, don’t put in welding, if you have little machining capabilities, use a tough box.

Clever! Will we get to see this working at the Arizona regional this year?

Interesting concept! This is a creative way of building a crab drive for low budget teams.

Thanks for sharing!

Its actually called Ackerman steering when is like car steering with only the front wheels moving.

But each wheel is individually controlled, but can be linked in software.