pic: Crab Frame

In frame assembly of the modules and the motor unit setup

36"x36" frame.

What is the purpose of this? Are you trying to learn more cad stuff? Are you trying to get design feedback? Are you going to be building this? As far as I can tell from the one picture is looks like it’s partially completed but I’m limited by the 1 picture. If you’re looking for feedback I think everyone would love to give it but you’re not giving much to comment on…

I do cad design for a living so I like to work on side projects in my spare time, this is just a crab drive that I’ve been working on for a few days, it’s slightly over 5" from floor to the top of the 2*1 frame.

I like to share my ideas and I have the ability to make this fairly easily it just would require a commitment to go for it.

Some of my more recent pics have since been buried but I like to archive stuff of CD

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