pic: Crabstyle v3


oh snap
you might want to change the color on your victors

I imagine he got them from www.firstcadlibrary.com, for some reason they come gold, as does the battery. The battery can just be changed to have its appearance be that of ABS plastic, which looks okay. Victors are a bit more complex, but just making them black helps the appearance a good bit.

i like how the tires are so close to the outer footprint and you still have some ground clearance looks stable

how do you connect the other two wheels
more motors?

I type of chain. I saw how Hammond steered their crab modules and would like to use that type of plastic. I think it was from a window lift. Either way, it was strong and light.

You can use the polycord and pullers that we order and never used.

That would seem like it’s not a good fit for the job. When rotating a swerve module, any slip at all will absolutely kill the entire system. It’ll think it’s rotated a certain amount, and in reality it will be less if slippage occurs.