pic: crazy automode

This was a wisconsin match where we (1625) were just going to sit and shoot but then as they’ve already mentioned on cd 706 ran there kamikaze mode and almost tipped us both over but luckily 1816 one of our winning alliance partners had our back

I was thinking about making this type of thing a poll.

think of it as this. you are the coach of one of those teams, what would you tell your drivers to do firstly?

Go forward and tip?
Backup and let them fall on thier own?
Get away and see if they fall or get back on the wheels.

What would you do

we just sat there and waited for them to back up since you can’t really tip it your leaning on somebody and they backed up and we played the match

Back away, and let them fall back on their wheels. Going forward to tip just seems like playing dirty. Besides depending on how they are positioned you could flip your own bot.

Just get away and see how their robot lands. At UCF, an opponent team (who tipped 2-3 times at the regional, and who I wasn’t exactly fond of for reasons I won’t discuss) mounted the back corner of my team’s robot to the point where they were resting only on my our bumper and their bumper, and I could’ve easily backed up and knocked them down, but instead, it was easier to just drive forwards, get off of them, and let their COG decide their fate.

i am just kidding that is not in the spirit of FIRST, you help them to get back on the ground as safley as possible.
maybe in this case letting them move first would be the best idea