pic: Crazy Last Second Coopertition Balance, Mount Olive

FIRST FRC Teams 714 and 11 completing a coopertition balance in the last few seconds of a match. The bridge was actually still wobbling for a couple seconds after the buzzer. The crowd actually sat very quiet until the balance was completed. Then they just went nuts! Great Job FIRST FRC Team 11 on this spectacular balance!

I remember watching this in the stands; the entire audience was up on their feet cheering, waiting and watching the bridge wobbling back and forth after the buzzer, seeing if it would balance or not. And of course, once it did, the entire arena erupted into applause. Congrats to both 11 and 714 for an amazing accomplishment =).

This was crazy! Everyone was silent while we were waiting for them to settle, and then they settled and balanced, the place went nuts! It was great! :smiley:

This was one of those things where it took 3 things cooperating:

Team 714, Team 11 and Mother Nature.

Mother Nature was obviously in on this little April Fools trick :yikes: