pic: CRC 2015 Media - Unbelievable!!

This is a photo of media listed on a large banner at the even here in China. It was unbelievable today - so many camera crews and reporters interviewing teams!

I’m not sure, but I may have implied that engineers are crazy on national TV here in China.

Did you mention which engineers are crazy?

Aren Hill, for sure.

Actually, the hand gesture I used apparently doesn’t have any connotation here. I was saying that one benefit of FRC is that students get to learn how engineers think and solve problems. I used the finger swirling motion near my head to describe “think.” The reporter translated it into Chinese and used the same motion - it was kinda funny.

FRC China Event was on CCTV’s “Morning News” today.
The show has an average daily audience share of 2.2%, which calculates as about 28 million people. The statistics is probably not totally correct, but I’m sure that CRC has spread the word of FIRST in China.