pic: Crevolution 2015 Drive Module


This is our 2015 drive module. The plate that the CIM is mounted to is laser cut 0.25 sheet and the rest is 0.10 sheet. It runs a 6.46 reduction from the CIM to the gear, which is multiplied by 2 with an 18 tooth to 36 tooth belt system. this will put us around 14 ft/s theoretical, with two of these in the robot and a 6 inch wheel on each.

Looks pretty good, although personally I just like using 1/4" or 3/16" thick for gearboxes and such (more thickness for press fits and counterbores).
Are you planning on tensioning the belt, or are you just going C-C? If you did a slight redesign, you could tension the belt like 192 did for their 2014 gearbox (look it up, pictures on CD).

What are the other two wheels?

How did you compute 14 fps using these numbers?

I’m getting more like 10.8+/-1.1 FPS (using the no load speed for the CIM, 5310+/-10% RPM).

Oh yes, I apologize. The 14 fps was another calculation that I made. Also, yes, I’m just planning on doing the computed distance from the West Coast Products distance calculator.

Those cut outs in the front and back are SICK.

This is what happens when I miss 1 meeting.

Haha, yeah, I thought so.

What ether is asking, is this segway? :grinning:

Any provision for encoders on this, or just letting programming team guess…

Even for this game, you might want to up to 4. With unlimited non-cim motors, you don’t lose anything by moving to 4 cims. Plus, did you compute accleration for that drive? It’s going to be pretty bad.[/quote]

Why did you decide to use belts?