pic: Crowd watching the finals

Sorry, this is QF1-3, not the finals. My mistake.

We may have brought 70 people…

so lucky!!!
I cant imagine how much that would cost to attend.:yikes:

I would just like to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that everyone(almost) is sitting.

This is very rare for a robotics competition, and especially for matches this exciting. Now, if we could just do this during the regionals, we’d be set.

This was QF1-3, the rubber match after the incredible supercell flurry by the #8 alliance in QF1-2. The two long range bombs by the 148 human player were insane!! There was almost a repeat in this match.

I’m quite surprised almost everyone is sitting, because the atmosphere was absolutely electric throughout the elimination matches - even the quarterfinals.

BTW, the blue alliance players’ station looks a bit crowded to me…:rolleyes:

I can see my team being energetic. We liked cheering on both of our partners from midwest as they went head to head in the finals. :slight_smile:

haha I can see myself in the stands in the small group of 461ers behind Winnovation

you are correct there was one extra person in the drivers station. since there were 4 teams on each alliance if the alliance captian team was not playing an extra coach was allowed. Similar to the standard FIRST rules for replacement robots during the torument.

I was the extra person in the players station since 2775 decided to put our very capable 4th robot (148) in the game instead. This was cleared with Stu before the 2nd match.

I really have to hand it to the human player for those shots taken from across the field. We were waiting behind the driver stations when the human player took those shots. Our whole alliance shouted and cheered when he (148 HP) made one after the other from clear across the field.

OK, thanks, Greg. However, I received a warning for almost stepping into the alliance box in our second semi-final match (Team 222 had substituted for 980). I wonder if all of the ref’s were aware of rule <T21>.

What’s different about IRI and official FIRST events is once a backup team is brought in, the team that went out stays out. IRI allows teams to mix/match robots alliance members, etc. in any of the elimination matches.

I posted a couple of photos in CD-Media (courtesy ChristinaR) from that amazing feat. The “reaction photo” pretty much says it all: No way that just happened!

I would imagine from a ref perspective, there is a difference between starting in the box at the beginning of the match and steping in during the middle of the match (if this was the case). The differences in the rules with IRI is the exact reason that I asked before we did it. Either way it didn’t seem to help our cause in the long run. It was nice playing you all and you did great at IRI to be ranked #1.