pic: CRT 306 hacksaw

Tomorrow is the first day of competition at the Capitol Clash. Our winch arm was broken and we didn’t have a hacksaw to fix it with. So I came up with this… how do you guys like it? =-)

Hahaha… That looks like a creation team 716 would definitely use.

Thats ghettofab. I LOVE it.

LOL :]
The cutting part is the smallest thing on the hacksaw!
Has it fallen apart yet? :rolleyes:
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Completly off topic::
This is my first post on chiefdelphi from my Linux :] box :cool:

consider yourself added to my announcer notes for the capitol clash tomorrow…the world will know about the hacksaw

"…and just as a note if anyone needs to borrow a hack saw team 306 has a special one for use…

hehhe, nice. I love it when teams don’t have the right tool or part when they need it, and then come up with some great solution to stand in.

I remember a team with a flipper bot at the Denver Regional and they were placing the bot on the field when a pneumatic piston fell off. This is with about 20 seconds to get their bot on the field, and they didn’t have any of their tools or equipment nearby. One quick-thinking student yanked the shoelaces from his shoe, and then the team quickly tied the things around the piston and the support that it fell off of. All with about 5 seconds to spare. The cool part, was that the makeshift repair ended working just fine.

I think it’s just great when people are using their brains and coming up with cool stuff like this :slight_smile:

Necessity really is the mother of invention! MacGuver has nothing on you guys! I love it!

That’s way cooler than our make-shift keyway cutter! You should sell hacksaw kits!

5 Hack saw blades taped together, side-by-side with duct tape. Just run it up and down inside a hub.

I love it!