pic: CRT T-SHIRT Shooter At Night

We took the lights out of the Light box from this year and put them on the bottom of the robot frame for underglow, and also on the sides of the gun and tank. We also put stobes on the front frame, as you can see it looks really cool. The crowd seem to like it too!

Really, really tight. Very cool look, and I would imagine it would make the robot visible from quite a distance away. What are the white lights on the front?

If our team can’t figure out how to use the catapult shooter on our 2006 bot to throw t-shirts, we might be borrowing some ideas ;).

Ya i do think you can see the bot from a distance, and the white lights on the front are small strobe lights.

It’s actually pretty funny, the Band Director from the other school’s marching band walked around the football field during the game just to tell us that it was the most awesome thing he had ever seen at a high school football game.
People were jumping for everything we shot, even if they were in the top row. I was getting worried that we’d have another Maude Flanders on our hands :smiley:

If you think this looks awesome, just wait 'till we make our NEW T-shirt shooter, It should look amazing :slight_smile:

I must say, quite the awesome use of green cathodes! so what are the actual tubes the items launch out of made of?(sry if that makes little to no sense, it isnt a huge deal).

The tube and the tank are both made of PVC pipe.

wow i cant believe i asked that question :yikes: ! i should have realized that! i must say that wasnt my greatest moment. :rolleyes:

We all have those kind of moments sometimes. It happens to the best of us. :slight_smile: