pic: CRUSH1011 final - "Kareem"

A few hours before going on the truck… meet Kareem.

Ha! Are those zip-ties, the wonderful, marvelous, multi-purpose tool holding the netting for your hopper? I like it!

Zip-ties are the duct tape of the FIRST world.

haha nice shooter concept, very very simmilar to ours, now what exactly do you call that shape? i know its incorrect but for the time being we’re calling it a parabolic shape

The Nike? The check mark?

Ah, zipties. No matter how much we buy every year, we never seem to have enough. That said, after replacing most of our bolts with rivets to save weight, I’m come to dub rivets, “zipties on crack”

Nice launcher :slight_smile:

It’s VERY similar to ours :slight_smile:

How fast can you fire? Because of the long contact between the balls and the wheel, the wheel slows down quite a bit.