pic: CRyptonite Robotics Teaser 08 Version 2


A picture of our Robot for the judges information

Are you sure that stays within a 80" cylander? doesn’t look like it

looks like people don’t seem to think teams are building to fit the 80" rule, If we fit I’m willing to bet they did too. Its a nice bot it’ll be interesting to see how the claw machine stacks up against the front loader

Wow a dramatic paint scheme change. But that’s an extremely slick, clean, and mean looking machine. Way to go!

Yup. It’s always exciting when CRyptonite rolls out. It looks really futuristic and dramatic. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the competition at Lone Star.

Thats a sharp looking machine! It looks a bit, dare I say “EVIL”.
The pipes in the background add to the effect.

Awesome Looking Bot Cant Wait To See You Guys In Arizona!

Well, the robot is actualy anodized for the most part except the pipe stucture holding the arm up. That was actulay powder coatted. And yes we did design the entire robot to fit within 80 in. The way the claw is posittioned in the picture is not the way way are picking up the ball. We will be level to the ground and scoopping the ball up. A lot of work went into the mechanics behind it. I beleive we calculated the tension on the chain that moves the main sholder arm to be around 700lb. Whats even better is the way we plan to control the arm which is actuly a small “mini” arm with pot’s (Potentiometers).

Kyle Jordan
Team 624 (CRyptonite) Build Captain