pic: CT Teams - Current and Dormant

This is a visual representation of all the current and dormant CT teams.

Team numbers are only listed on a permanent number basis (aka, if a team has a post-1998 (permanent) number and is dormant, their number is listed. If they have no number or were part of the seasons that issued numbers on an annual basis and did not live to receive a permanent number, they are listed as “D”).

Comments and corrections are appreciated. :slight_smile:

Is team 782 going to return?

I heard rumors somewhere that they were trying to build a robot or do something for invitiationals if they had money, but I forgot who told me and haven’t heard anything in a loooong time…

Also can’t wait to see what happens when Waterbury finally gets a team next year. (The Kaynor Tech dean of students said a teacher asked about how to start a team, and we’re currently close to getting 2 or 3 advisors and Team 1071 engineers saying they’ll help… now it’s just getting members to sign up… hopefully they’ll have enough student intrest)

Would be interesting to see what would happen if Kaynor, SHHS, Holy Cross, Wilby, Crosby, Kennedy, and McTernen agree to one Waterbury team :ahh:

Haha look at us peacing in the far corner of CT…

I do believe we’re more than 10 years old, so we should be red, not orange.


Awww… good ole CT- home to some amazing foliage and awesome FIRST Robotics Teams!! WOOHOO!

My records say 7 years of participation (1998, and then 2000-2005), which were pulled from old FIRST team listings from the good ol’ Wayback Machine on www.archive.org. Other than that there was no listing even close to it - but if you have the records, I’d be happy to work it in.

I’ll post more about the thought process when I have a minute :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the FIRST listings… I have a trophy documenting our winning the 1997 UTC regional.

We also preregistered for the Championship (even though we ended up not going and got our money back) because we are one of the remaining teams from 1992.


For the life of me, I cannot figure out the enigma that is Team 19 :slight_smile:

According to archive.org, the CT teams that were listed on the awards page were:

Deka New England Regional

  • Rookie All-Star: Otis Elevator & Farmington High School (Farmington, CT)
  • Most Photogenic: Lego Systems & Talcott Mountain Academy / Avon High School / East Granby High School / Granby Memorial High School / Schaghticoke Middle School / John Winthrop Junior High School / Stafford Middle School / Terryville High School (Avon, CT)
  • Saturday Team Spirit: Stanley Works & C.M. McGee Middle School (Berlin, CT)

Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional

  • Outstanding Defense: Northeast Utilities / U.S. Coast Guard Academy & Montville High School / The Williams School (Waterford, CT)
  • Saturday team Spirit: Hamilton Standard Space Systems International / Techni Products & Enrico Fermi High School (Windsor Locks, CT)


  • J & J Sportsmanship: Hamilton Standard Space Systems International / Techni Products & Enrico Fermi High School (Windsor Locks, CT)

My only other idea about what happened was that the team was listed their hometown under the sponsor company (and it was located in another state), which has happened occasionally in the older records. Let me do some digging and get back to you :slight_smile:

In 1998 we (Team 19 as Greenwich High School) placed 5th at the Midatlantic Regional, and won the Motorola Quality Award, and then placed 7th at Nationals. In 1997 Team 19 (as Bristol-Meyers Squibb / Rutgers University & North Brunswick Township High School).

So I guess in a sense you’re right, we, as Greenwich High School Team 19, have existed for seven years, so far as can be told from records. But no one who has had the name “Team 19” was ever in the 1992 competition, so the fact that we prequalify for the Championship is not yet explained.

Maybe my eyes deceive me, but I did think it was a trophy from 1997 that I saw. I’ll check on Monday.

Anyone know anything about FIRST’s numbering system?

Before 1999, every team changed numbers every year. Thus team 19 in 1997 was a different team then team 19 in 1998. In 1999, all teams existing teams kept the same number and any new teams got higher numbers. The team that was 19 in 1997 is now team 25 (BMS & North Brunswick HS).

In 1998, team 19 was Bell Atlantic & Greenwich HS. In 1997 there was no teams sponsored by Bell Atlantic nor was there a team at Greenwich HS. That’s why Jessica and I are having trouble tracing team 19’s history.


I’m not sure what the picture indicates except that someone thinks we started in 1994. Is that (the entry in the regional manual) supplied by teams, or given by FIRST?