pic: Curie Field Wide Angle

This is the Curie Field at the Championship’s in Atlanta 2006. This is 5 different images stitched together. Click on the image to see a larger size.

Nice pic! In the lower right corner, you got a great shot of our team sponsor banner :slight_smile: Team 1726

nothing like a hooters ad in the top center of a picture

Hey, people go there for the wings :smiley:

There are so many ads for Hooters tehre, but yet there is no Hooters Resteraunt in the Dome. Nice Pic.

There used to be, it was called the hooter nest. And it was right above in this picture

HA! im in this picture team 38 but im kidden hidden by the ball chute LOL but i am over there in the back left =D

this was also the match of the 2nd highest score on curie during Qualifyers 124 =D