pic: CurlingBots by Dave Lavery

Another animation still frame (spoof?) by the great Lavery.

Just so no one freaks out about another “new” field picture, this was taken from
THIS POST that since then has a broken link, from the thread Curling + Robots = Sweeet

That is all.

Those models are from the 2003 game.

Not like that piece of information has anything to do with anything… :cool:

Not exactly.

The far blue robot is from FIRST Frenzy, while the other five (as well as the field structure itself) are all from the Triple Play animation.


You’re right.

Billfred - 1, Tom - 0.

Actually, all 6 robots are from the 2005 animation,

Billfred get’s partial credit as the far blue robot was in the 2004 animation as well as the 2003 animation (along with the short blue robot on the curve in the above picture)

Ryan -1, Billfred-1/2, Tom-0

they are all generic FIRST animation robots
Alex- 1 Ryan -1/2, Billfred-1/4, Tom-0

Just to set the record straight:

  • the three red robots appeared in the 2005 animation
  • the blue tripod robot appeared in the 2005 animation
  • the blue “long arm” robot in the bacl appeared in the 2004 and 2005 animation, but not in 2003 (the 2003 robot was a cousin of this one, but it was not the same)
  • the short blue bulldozer robot was in the 2003, 2004 and 2005 animations (and who knows where he may appear next…)

So that means the score is:
Tom - 1/6 (only one was in the 2003 animation)
Billfred - 5/6 (it really bothers me that you know this stuff this well)
Ryan - 3/6 (points off for incorrect identification)
Alex - 0/6 (there is nothing generic about these little guys, they are all special in their own individual ways [at least, that is what my grandmother used to say, and I always believed her*])

I can’t believe we are even having this discussion… Don’t you all have something else to do??! :slight_smile:


  • except for that part about how “dogs can breathe underwater, just not for very long.”

Water game?! :ahh:


Well, Dave, they say those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Seeing that my team would be disadvantaged by a replay of any game before Triple Play (as 1293 either didn’t exist or was an unknowing rookie team at the time), I really want to know my history! :smiley:

Incorrect identification? :ahh:

Oh, and Dave, it’s either discuss animation robots, or go analyze that hint and every post you have made in since April. This doesnt hurt my brain as much as option #2.

I don’t know what’s most disturbing about the growing obsession. The long trail of FIRST participants that have taken “Dave Stalking” to a new level or the fact that the NASA executive himself loves it so much, he’s compelled to post with this much thought and detail after midnight. I sure hope kickoff comes soon. Otherwise, you’re all getting sent for therapy :wink:

Of course I answer after midnight. Sitting here waiting for another thousand frames to render for the kick-off animation, there is no a whole lot else to do. So it is either peruse CD threads, or listen to Brave Combo’s “All Wound Up” album for the umpteenth time. When given that choice… well, here I am.

OMG, I connected something from analyzing your post. For once I can do it. :slight_smile: The 11th track is “Spaghetti (Twist and Twirl)” and the 12th track is “Home” (auto at the end of the match?) I’m going over to the hint discussion thread.


Track 10: Mayim, Mayim (Water, Water) :rolleyes:

Anyways, Dave have you ever heard the cover of Stairway To Heaven by Brave Combo and Tiny Tim?

Pretty hip little diddy.

I found it in late 2003 early 2004 looking for references to the hint for 2004’s game.

The singers’ voices totally make the song funny as heck.

although i doubt that this is a clip from the game animation, i must say that the road does vaguely resemble pasta.

I see this as only one thing and that is proof that lavery likes to feed us bogus pics. The track is not in the style of the rest of the picture and does not look to be made of real materials. In my mind, this pics serves to invalidate the 2007 pic as a shot from the game animation. There may be some clues hidden in both pics, but they are not so obvious.

I don’t think i have ever seen lavery mess with us this much in previous years. FALSE RENDERINGS!! GRRRRR

The way I see it, pseudorenderings mean Dave doesn’t have as much time to render the game animation, which means Dave can’t fit as much into the animation, which means the game has to be easy to explain. That, in turn, makes it more TV-friendly, which gets FIRST on TV, which brings more attention to FIRST, which gets more kids into FIRST, which helps to change the culture.

Keep on rendering, Dave!

I think he was done rendering the animation before the game hint went off, or maybe all the cursing about doing frames wrong in his away message is his way of confusing us all into thinking he was done…

I still say that we shouldn’t try to analyze anything that dave does. The only reason he does these things is to confuse us more.

He may have finished rendering before the hint went out, but he didn’t want us to know, so he posted the away message.
He didn’t finish rendering before the hint and he truthfully posted the away message.
He didn’t finish rendering, but knowing that we would know the above two possibilites, he posted the away message to confuse us.
He finished the rendering, but still wanted to confuse us.

And the list goes on.

So i say don’t try to analyze Dave Lavery