pic: Current Robot Chasis

Here is a mostly current version of 612’s chasis

I’m just curious:
Do you include every t-slot slide fastener in the assembly?
If so, do you constrain them one by one, or do you use iMates?

there are alot but not every nut has one yet, it’s mostly an assembly of a nut and slider, than i constrain each one

While quite modular, we could never afford the weight of something like that.

After seeing the horrors of people i know using extrustion, i cry on the inside for you. It’s strong, but the weight, terrible. I mean, that looks like 25 or so pounds of metal to me, just for the frame metal

in fact that frame with all electronic and pneumatics and drive system and gamepiece manipulator is only 86 lbs
so its not bad if anything we need to do gain weight with our arm and ramp on as well

Is that 80/20 or Bosch?

20 mm, or 30 mm?

80/20 1 inch by 1 inch

Ok, we had a similar 80-20 frame in 2005. I would highly suggest switching out the L- brackets in the corner for something which provides more stability.

We had the problem of the t-nuts getting loosened during matches resulting in our frame becoming warped, and even falling apart. At our first regional we were lucky enough for there to be a very nice, and very skilled welder who tacked the corners of the bot. We learned later that those L-brackets weren’t really meant for holding a frame together like that.

I would suggest looking at the 80-20 catalog. They have some nice triangular plates and things which can stiffen up the frame and make it stronger

I would suggest 8020s anchor fastners.

I agree with Pika1579, T nuts and even L brackets will not be satisfying for you, try gusset plates at the least, or hard-connect corners with bolts. really important for areas subject to impacts, not important for other areas.


we do have larger angle brackets on the corners, they are just not pictured in this assembly

you should the the corner cube pieces, they provide a lot of stability
on the more stressed parts of the robot, you might want to change out the L brackets with the triangle gussets, they are much more stable
there are also two types of L brackets i know of, one thinner than the other
if you are using the thin ones, definitely change them, or your robot will be scrap

80/20 is really nice to work with (t-nut mounting system, never have to to drill holes, etc), but I agree to the notion that it’s REALLY heavy. We are using it to attach the arm to our chassis, so we can move it up/down and make adjustments super quick.

Keep in mind that the 1010 is like .5 lbs/linear foot…