pic: Custom Painted Guitar Hero Robot Controller

Here is the paint job for our guitar controller. We still need to add logo decals. Our drivers have their preferences, and one prefers the guitar over our control box, so we’re still not sure if we will use this for this season. If not, we can always save it for another!

OMG, that is epic. You have to use this controller if your driver likes it! Especially if s/he does it with flair. How incredible would it be to see a drive team rocking out behind the glass :slight_smile:

(After calming down, I’m realizing that this may have been more of a thing five years ago when guitar controllers were everywhere. Has any other team done this?)

Cool! I could see the buttons on top being used to take the totes to different heights they’re squarish and tote like.

1261 used one in 2007, iirc.