pic: Customized goals at the Duel

A combined shot of the two goals used at the Duel. Designed and fabricated by Jeff Lucas.

Jeff Lucas is one of our MOE 365 mentors who is very creative and artistic. For those who have attended the Duel over the years, you have been exposed to Jeff’s art each year. This year, he was responsible for the LuNaTec and MOE graphics on the goals, the fun “poof balls smashed into the goal” and the “erratic self-propelling” poof ball which Duel attendees might have seen on the playing field during the day.

Thanks so much, Jeff!!

Those are nice, I wish I was able to make it to the Duel to see them.

That is really cool. It brings a bit of flavor to your offseason, which is really neat.

The idea of putting one of those little rolly-ball devices inside of a poof ball is creative. Did it affect play much?

That is pretty awesome. Looks really nice :smiley:

I thought the goals looked awesome! :smiley: Also, just a sugesetion… why don’t you have the blue and green alliances? (MOE and Lunatec’s Colors) becasue that would be sweet. Also I had a great time at my first Duel, and I hope to come again next year.


We just used the erratic poof ball for fun before matches. It wasn’t on the field during a match. The carving out of the ball wasn’t uniform, so the final ball kind of scooted this way and that. Sometimes, it got hung up and needed a friendly shove.


Nice idea. We had thought about it, but never took the energy to change the FIRST field colors of red and blue. Maybe next year! :smiley:

Provided that vision systems arn’t locking onto an alliance color (or something similar) that would be really cool. Also, if it recquires painting game pieces (like tetras) it might be too much of a pain. But for something like Aim High that sounds great.

What was the customized part for the 2005 game, if I may ask? I was at the 2005 DotD and didn’t recall anything customized.

However, I like what you did to the goals this year. Awesome!