pic: Cutting Edge's Robot hanging!

This is a picture from the '04 Upstate SC scrimmage. We’ve added some modifications and replaced our “tongs” with something… different. Hehe. Don’t let the small hook fool you we can hang very well. :smiley:

Sweet! Its great to see bots hanging from the bar.

Do you have any more pictures or videos of the scrimmage?

I cannot being to imaging how much that giant sprocket costs or how long it took to drill. :ahh:

We ( Team 343 ) have bunches of pictures from this scrimmage! They’re at www.metalinmotion.com

P.S. This bot was quite cool to watch!

Why thank you.
Well we have video tape of it, I’ll see if we can get it put on to avi, or mpeg. But we are currently with out a web site (we’ll have one soon where vids and pics will be put up). So untill then http://metalinmotion.com has some more pics of us at that scrimage.

No you can’t imagine… Actually from what I hear from Mr. Harper, and his son Jessie, it didn’t take them THAT long… Of course Mr. Harper is also a machineist with a really nice shop… Lol.