pic: Cutting It a little too close

The weight on 1023’s 2007 robot. We’ll most likely cut a little more off just to be on the safe side.

Ya. Our robot said when we weighed it on practice day 119.3, but then when we weighed it for eliminations we were 120.0 on the dot.

we were underweight (113 pounds i think) but we had to break out the hammer to get the size of our ramp to fit in the box…lol 1/8th inch later it fit nicely:)


Ha Ha, Very nice… I am sure that was either a relief or a shock, and I am sure that you are happy. Its always good to be at perfect weight.

ha, reminds me of when i ask one of our machinists…

Me - “Hey, whats the weight at now?”
Machinist - “about 98.2 lbs”
Me - “How much more stuff are we going to put on?”
Machinist - “…about 11.8 lbs worth”
Me - “…ok…”

So you went for the 5’ one?

haha… ours weighed 119.5 and it was exactly 27 by 37 by 48… only a few milli-milli-meters less… Barely fit

We were at 120.9 when we weighed in before starting the Quarter Finals

We were 91.2.

reminds me of when we went to get our bot inspected.

the guys told us to weight it

so we put it on the scale and it read 98 lbs.

then we were all laughing when we noticed that the battery was still on it!

we were sopposedly a defensive robot