pic: cvt prototype

unfortunately we won't be using this design.

it works well but only in manual mode, large flywheel produces a 1:1 up to 9:1 reduction.

Why aren’t you guys going to use this? It looks really cool and simple; why didn’t it work in anything other than manual mode?

Did you have problems with the side-to-side slippage conflicting with the torque transferl?

Whoaaa… Really cool idea, but probably impractiacal because of torque limitations. I must commend you none the less. There is a webpage somewhare that shows about 100 different CV designs. It’s pretty cool.

the response time on the flywheel has to be a limiting factor, though - that much inertia would make quick changes difficult.

The tigertrons came up with a similar design in the summer of 2002. We threw the idea out because we could not get any material to grip the aluminum disk similar to yours.

We even tried gum rubber. Thats were we got our gum rubber wheel ideas from…

We just mounted the aluminum disk right to the outside of 10 inch wheels. We moved the motors up and down on that disk. This also required way to much pressure on the motors against the wheel.

I also made an edu bot that had a variable speed that moved the powered wheels up and down on the drive wheel.

i like the idea…that is just like the one in most snowblowers. the 1 comment i would sugest to you if you decided to use it in the future is to make the center of the flywheel flat (remove the nut/bolt) and inset it that way you can run your disk over the half way point and that way you could go backwards without switching direction of your motor…just a sugestion…look for my to be posted in the off season unfortunatly machining problems kept me from finishing b4 season and i have no time now…but i swear i will get it done…nice job overall i am impressed