pic: Cyber Blue 2008

This is the Inventor rendering of team 234’s 2008 robot. It is named Ritchie X after Scott Ritchie, who was the lead mentor of our team for nine years. To see more pictures and read about the robot, visit the Inventor Award website at http://www.cyberblue234.com/inventoraward.

Wow! That’s a mighty impressive presentation and design job. Great work! I like the clever road map for navigation, too - cute but effective in use and getting the point across.

That’s REALLY impressive, as is the website. I only hope we do half as good a job with our bot as you did with yours.

Thanks! The whole team put a lot of effort in putting the presentation together. We appreciate the compliments.

Great job you guys!!! It’s good to see you guys are putting together another great robot!!!

Cya all at BMR!!!

a new desktop background from one of my favorite teams

Great rendering and really cool design … love the colors :slight_smile:

This is more typically awesome Cyber Blue going on here, but it also made me realize something. This is the last time that 234 will have students on the team that were there when I was as a student. Time flies.

Congratulations on another great Inventor Award entry and I’ll see you guys at BMR.


You must have had one impressive IED instructor. Would you share his name?:wink:

So impressive we sent him to another school to share his infinite knowledge with the next generation of IED-ers…