pic: Cyber Blue 234 - 2014 Robot -

Cyber Blue 234 2014 Robot “Viktor”.

Which Augment are you using?

One roller has wheels, one doesn’t. Interesting…

The side with wheels also seems to be a lot more beefy. The cylinder seems to have a much larger bore and the attachment method for the cylinder is different.

Maybe they are using it for catching?

The pick-up is wrapped with tread on both sides.

The pnuematics on the front side are larger because there is surgical tubing mounted on the front pickup to the ball launcher inside the robot. The tubing is not present in this picture, but you can see the eyelets where the tubing is attached.

The rear roller is covered the same as the front, it just wasn’t in this photo.

The rear pneumatic is a two stage. Most of the time is is back 2" and acts as a stabilizer for the ball when driving or when ready to launch. IT also extend out fully for ball collection.

The front cylinders are larger to keep the arm in place when we retract the launcher. There is a lot of pull against that arm and the smaller cylinder like on the back was marginal.

The main reason for the mounting differences was to make the geometry work on the back - inside the footprint for start, back 2" for most, and at the right angle for ball collection when both stages are extended.