pic: Cyber Blue 234 - Falcon VIII

Our robot, Falcon VIII for the 2006 FIRST season. More pictures can be found on our website at http://www.cyberblue234.com and look for "Image Gallery"

Wow. I’m a big fan of the treads. What is the big box in the middle for? Holding balls? What is it made of? I love the blue annodized aluminum. Good work guys! Too bad you can’t come to BMR. Good luck in Phoenix and Grand Rapids!


How does it handle the ramp with that weight up top?

That thing looks pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to see it sometime.

It looks like corrugated polycarbonate. It’s great stuff. Very light.

Looks good guys. What range does your shooter have?
I think this is the first bot I’ve seen that puts topspin on the balls.

Yes the big box is our hopper and can hold about 8 balls at one time as well as the 7 balls in our conveyor. Like Ogre said it is corrugated polycarbonate. Very sturdy and pretty light.

Amazingly it takes the ramp quite well, you can pull the bot back about 80 degrees and it still tips forward. Thankfully this allows us to not have to put on a wheelie-bar like we first thought.

We know we can shoot at least from half court but its probably farther. We aren’t sure though becasue we didn’t have the facilities this year that would allow us to test the shooter with the proper tilt needed to make longer shots without hitting the roof.

Looks awesome guys, another machine Rolls-Royce can be proud of. I’m diggin the diamond plate. Gonna miss you at Purdue. Good luck!

I love the blue annodized aluminum.

Is the blue really anodized or is it painted?

That is really anodized blue :slight_smile:

thats sweet lookin i hope i get to see it in person that should make for some nice shots with some reflection off some high polished diamond plate

We’ll be competing at the Arizona Regional, West Michigan Regional, the Championship Event, and the Indiana Robotics Invitational. We hope to see you at one of these events.

Awesome, I like it. Question - how do the balls go from hopper to conveyor? Do you guys have any shots for what’s inside that box?

I might have to make the trip up to West Michigan to see this one in action.

Congrats guys and good luck at Phoenix.

The bottom of the box is made out of 16th inch lexan and it slopes down towards the back of the robot so gravity gets them partway into the conveyor. For more stubborn balls we need to use the agitator, also known as “The Ritchie.” The agitator is basically some pieces of angle attached to a chain that is running through the bottom of the robot parallel to the floor and pulls balls into the conveyor opening. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of it though.