pic: Cyber Blue 234 Transmission 1

Cyber Blue 234’s two-speed transmission courtesy of John V-Neun with a few of our own modifications.

What ratio? Looks very well made

good looking transmission. looks pretty solid. how long did it take to put together?

Any chance we could get another angle to go along with that?


With our 9 inch wheels we should be going about 6 ft/sec in low gear and 12 ft/sec in high gear.

We had it up and running on February 4 so it probably took us around 2 weeks to manufacture all of the parts and to assemble it.

I just re-read your post and it sounds like you wanted our gear ratios and not feet per second.

High gear is about 3-1 and low gear is about 6-1.

Isn’t that clarkson’s gearbox that JVN designed?


It’s a great gearbox either way.

I think it’s 12/50/36/12 in high and 12/36/50/12 in low

Yes, if you saw the picture’s description it does say that these desings were courtesy of JVN and team 229 with some of our own modifications.

Ah so.

We’re using it too, maybe I’ll post some pictures later tonight.

I developed this new gearbox design in the off season for my team (229).

Both team 234 and team 20 voiced interest in using this new design for the 2005 season.
Of course, we were more than willing to provide it.

I would have posted the full design…
(found here: http://www.team229.org/resources/19/) as a whitepaper, but it was still completely unproven. (The always wise, Andy Baker recommended I wait, and see what breaks before providing a whitepaper).

We (229) are VERY happy with it’s performance. This gearbox has proved itself to be everything we hoped.

I will definitely find some time in the offseason (sometime after moving to Texas after graduation!) to update the drawings and release a full whitepaper.

On another note – If you goto the link I posted above, you can see a full manufacturing print package created for this gearbox design. It has been REALLY cool to see our kids working off this full set of drawings. (We rarely go into this level of detail with part numbers, assembly drawings, and such).

Stop by our pits in Rochester and Cleveland if you’re interested in seeing more.


These transmissions are great. Thank you so much JVN. :slight_smile:

Very nice. I see you guys are using 2 Chias instead of teh FP Chia combo 229 uses. I still like 116’s old Bosch/Chia combo, but seeing as the bosch is gone, and we have our new and very cool stuff, we can do that this year.
What are the springs in the 2nd picture for though?
Oh, and I love the blue mounting bars underneath, very stylish :smiley:

Our version, cleaned up and lightened:

Bolted to chassis with lexan cover:

The big picture (I swear I’m not trying to steal your teaser):

The Lifter mechanism is mostly done as well but hasn’t been bolted on yet.

nice! how much torque do u get in low gear?

We were trying to use the springs to put tension on an idler sprocket. In that particular picture the springs are connected to the side of the transmissions to move them out of our way while we were working with it.

I don’t know of any number off the top of my head and we’ve only been able to test it a few times because we’ve been mounting other parts to the frame and have had it up on a table.