pic: Cyber Blue Mentor Award - 2

The Cyber Blue students made three of these game models as mentor awards for the 2008 season. The robot is a ‘working model’ - it rolls, the two sections lift, the fork raises and lowers and the top arm closes. Even a few wires.

The base is a model of 1/4 of the field.

I have to say, that is by far the coolest award I have ever seen. What’s written on it?

WOW! Thats awesome! :smiley: :smiley:

hmmmm. I have some ideas now… :wink:

Each of the students signed their name.

I just added another picture to the gallery that show a top level view

I think that award alone is enough for a mentor to want to be amazing…it looks awesome

Great award.

What is the robot made of? How many hours in each robot?

How big is each award?

I am sure they will cherish the award.

I can’t think of a cooler award! And signed by all?!?, it just keeps getting better.