pic: Cyber Blue - R2V1

Cyber Blue 234 - 2010 Competiton Robot R2V1.

This is a render of our 2010 COmpetition Robot, Version 1.
Swerve Drive, Car Steer Option, Front Roller “Ball Magnet”,
Spring Loaded Kicker with CIM Driven Recoiler.
Cover Opens for Easy Access.

V1 Does Not Have a Hanger System. That Capability Will Be Added.

Inventor Rendering of Cyber Blue’s 2010 Competition Robot.

Very close to the real thing. Pictures will be uploaded tonight.

Great looking robot! all of us at Winnovation are really looking forward to competing with you at Kansas City.
Good Luck and see you soon!
Scott Hill

what is the frame made out of?

I am so glad to see we built our robot similarly to such a great team. It puts my mind at ease just a bit.

Sweet looking robot.

Did your CAD team use the files off 221’s website? Our team didn’t know how judges would feel about this so we redrew everything on the modules. What’s your opinion on this? Would they care?

that is some very nice inventor work… looks like a very good robot

I believe everything is drawn from a clean sheet of paper (to use old school terminology) to support the Inventor Award submission. They may have used the 221 drawings for some reference dimensions, but I don’t think they pulled in the complete modules.

I think Autodesk wants to see you use all of the tools and show your capability, so you probably made the right choice by redrawing everything.

Personally, I see value in both approaches. By drawing everything, you learn all of the tools and show the Auodesk judges that you understand the software, the geometry of the parts and the assembly. But, in this “real world” we often refer to, you would probably pull in models of standard parts and vendor parts and then focus your time on the unique components.

1" aluminum, welded, anodized Cyber Blue.

Some is 1/16" wall, some is 1/8" wall, depending on needs for the specific area. I think the frame weighed about 18 pounds total, and is basically a 27’ x 27’ x 15-1/2" cube.

we knew that 80 20 bot couldn’t be your real bot sneky sneky :wink:

Looking good Cyber Blue! At first glance the robot looks very simple, but at closer examination you have the swerve modules and your kicking gearbox mechanism - there’s a lot under the hood on this one.

You have no idea how big of an understatement that is. Their PDB is almost full.
Once again, incredible job, see you at BMR.