pic: Cyber Blue Shops For IRI Charity Support!

Eight members of Cyber Blue 234 shopped to buy food for a local food pantry, using funds donated at the IRI Charity Auction.

There was over $3600 raised for charity at the 2009 IRI. Half of it went to Bona Vista in Kokomo (home of the TechnoKats - 45) and the other half is being used for a local food pantry.

Instead of just donating the cash, Cyber Blue students have been going shopping and buying $500 worth of food and then taking it to the pantry. The pantry tells us in advance what items are most in need.

This was trip number 2 and there are 2 more planned before the end of the year.

Thanks again to everyone who donated at the auction, your money is helping feed several struggling families.


Cyber Blue- A Class Act.

I think everyone who contribute to the charity auction deserves a great amount of gratitude for this. Every year a ton of money is raised at the auction. I know the Bona Vista charity in Kokomo really benefits from the money and, as shown here, a food pantry in Indy really benefits from it also.

At IRI, there is so much going on with the robot competition, the excitement in the crowd, and all of the team interactions - that it is simply incredible. In a somewhat quieter way, there is even more going on with the various opportunities provided by the host teams for folks to contribute. They can donate to more than one charity in ways that impact those communities and help all of the teams understand the needs of those communities that they are a part of for the weekend.

Those of us who visit don’t get to see the smiles of the children who benefit from the backpacks or how the food supplies are purchased to stock the food banks or where the precious bags of life-giving blood are distributed to from donations made at the blood mobile. This photo gives us the rare opportunity to see some of the results of some of the quieter moments that occurred at IRI 2009 even while an amazing competition was happening. Moments that continue to impact and make a difference.

Thank you for posting this, Chris. Rock on guys.


Not really sure where this store is, but they look like they have some really good deals. To me, this is where alot of charities are lacking. They raise money for a cause and then just buy the food at the closest place possible. If they go just a bit farther and find a cheaper store(as seen here), the difference in amount of food purchased can be surprising. Good job going the extra step.

Steps off soap box and joins general public in applauding this example of GP.

It is an Aldi’s market. They carry some national brands, but also a lot of lower cost private label products. Often, they have cases of a product at a special deal and then when it is gone, it is gone.

I think the students have seen just how far a dollar does (or doesn’t) go when buying food and it has made the whole project a little more real for them. We have turned it into a contest when shopping and challenge each group to hit their target (this time it was boys v. girls and each had $250 to spend - the girls hit it exactly.)