pic: Cyber Blue with Hillary 1

I’m not sure on the situation, but I’m guessing that it was just a coincidence that Cyber Blue was at the same location as Senator Clinton for lunch.

Well, it’s easy to understand why Cyber Blue has so much media attention at lunchtime. Is that lady a mentor too or something? :smiley:

(Just kidding, Ms. Clinton is on my short list of viable candidates, Iowa notwithstanding)

To all you high shcool students out there: If you are going to be 18 by next November, then please register and VOTE!


Did you convince her to come to the regional in Feburary?:smiley: I’m sure that would complete your homework from Dean that he gave us a few years ago.

That said, I think that we may see a politician or a “notable” guest speaker like the Hawaii lady last year at the NH Kickoff.

Did she know that by the time Indiana votes it’s primary the election will be all but over?

I heard rumors that NASA is selling Advertisement Slots for the kickoff on NASA TV to the candidates. :rolleyes:

with all the candidates and FIRSTers in NH at the same time…Its a great time to introduce the next president to FIRST.

Talk about opportunity! Here Dean’s been telling us for the last few years to contact our politicians and get them to come to FIRST events, and now we end up with some of the most influential politicians in the country descending on the backyard of FIRST at the same time as the FRC Kickoff.

I sure hope FIRST figures out a way to capitalize on these circumstances. As great as Dean’s speech may be :rolleyes:, certainly getting one of the presidential candidates (and their entourage of media personal with cameras) would prove much more beneficial for a greater recognition of FIRST in this country.

In Israel we’ve got the president supporting FIRST and speaking at events, so it’s time for you guys to cath up =]

I will take that bet. You name the stakes. I will be by some time after 9:20amEST tomorrow to collect.

[warning: implied civics lesson follows]
I know this was posted as a joke. However, I do need to be clear about one thing since it has come up multiple times in the last 24 hours - absolutely none of the current political candidates will be appearing on camera during the kick-off broadcast. No representative of either party will be given a podium, nor be allowed to use the occasion as a campaign opportunity. Any candidate that may or may not be in attendance will remain off-camera, and will not appear in the broadcast.

The kick-off broadcast is being enabled through the use of the NASA-provided communications resources, including satellite access and distribution. Access to these resources are provided the the expenditure of federal funds. Under the Hatch Act, NASA is completely prohibited from allowing the use of any of these resources for partisan political purposes of any form. We have made FIRST, the production company, all the cameramen at the event, and any representatives of any candidates that might nor might not be there, aware of this situation. We have been very clear that we will instantly pull the plug on the entire broadcast if this condition is violated, for even a fraction of a second.

I don’t want to be a buzzkill on the joke, but this is a topic that we take very seriously.



I had a hunch that we wouldn’t see any candidates on broadcast for a variety of reasons, but I didn’t realize it was that serious. I doubt anyone will mind too much.

(In my awake-around-5:00-AM state, the fact that it’s the Hatch Act that could wreck another part of a season is humorous to me. :rolleyes: )

Fortunately for his political legacy, I think Senator Hatch had nothing to do with that grievously flawed scoring system that FIRST no longer uses.

[BTW – The “Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities” is not named for the current Senator from Utah. He was only five years old at the time.]

I actually thought there would be a candidate or two there but I guess it makes sense why they cannot be shown.

Just hope none of the guests are have already formed a committee under the a 3rd party!

I hope you washed your hand after that.

I second that.

I might not agree with the politics, but it’s cool that you guys met her.


wow serious is a new one for dave…:wink:

I thought it was neat when Senator Sununu spoke and said he is the only engineer in the Senate and that is not a good thing. I thought that was cool.

I’m not a political person nor do I enjoy discussing politics. However, I do enjoy thinking about engineers and scientists in strong positions of leadership seeking to create change.

There was a lot of activity and preparation going on for the primary so the place was hopping. Kick Off was hopping as well.

That cafe has some good food.
I ate there with a few folks last year after kickoff.
A year too early I guess some might say? :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: