pic: Cyber Blue with Hillary 2


While eating lunch in Manchester, Steve Wherry, Kevin Kelly, Steve Warner and Scott Ritchie got to chat with Hillary, Bill and others who stopped in for a talk with local residents.

Some members of Cyber Blue were having lunch in Manchester when the Clinton bus and media team came in for a talk with local residents.

They had a good talk about FIRST robotics.

This picture shows Kevin Kelly and Scott Ritchie.

Does this mean Scott Ritchie is still involved with CyberBlue?


I hope someone invite her to the Kickoff!

No, he just doesn’t have another coat. :slight_smile:

Knowing Kevin and what he might be inclined to say I’m surprised there isn’t a third picture with him in handcuffs. :yikes:

Also, What is Ritchie doing there? Did he start a new team?

Hope you all enjoy your visit!

Man, do I feel sorry for Cyber Blue… (jk jk) :smiley:

Seriously, good job introducing FIRST to the presedential candidates.

Apparently one of the parties do stuff in minnesota… (sigh…)



Be nice…