pic: Cyber Blue's Robot 2007

This is Cyber Blue’s final design for the 2007 competition. We still have a couple of things to catch up on in the Inventor section (chain, wires, etc.) but for the most part it’s finished. This is nothing like any of the past robots we have ever built. We’ll see you at competition!

Very nice! I’m slightly confused why you need a small car on your claw though :confused:

Is that wheels so that you can “scrape” the claw across the carpet?

I thought that might be it, but the small hook type thing comming out of the front of it added to the confusion. :cool:

The wheels are part of the pick-up system.

We removed the small claw - it was to hok under deflated tubes to still be able to lift them off the floor. COuld go back on later if needed.

Beautiful looking design, the base looks to be turreted, and by the looks of it im going to have to say 4 foot class, how are u guys on weight?

Our robot is about 121 lbs which will be easily taken care of with a little bit of weight management :slight_smile:

WOW…this is the most elegant bot I have seen from 234 in my time in FIRST, I can’t wait to see it in action at Boilermaker!

Thanks for the compliments. We are very pleased with our design as well and can’t wait to see how it does in competition! :smiley:


Joe, Clegg, and the rest of the awesome Inventor team - you guys have done an amazing job on this. It really looks high quality and I think you’ll give everyone a run for their money on the Inventor Award.

I hear the drive is killer and the arm is great too, I can’t wait to see it at Boilermaker. Good luck guys.