pic: CyberCards FRC1529 2016 entry Dozette

Here is the FRC1529 entry for the 2016 game. Dozette may have a bit of a resemblance to another robot we all know and love.

Presenting the CyberCards’ Stronghold robot, Dozette.
She is designed to traverse A, B, D, E defenses, as well as score in the low goal.
She is on a quest to be reunited with her long lost love, who is rumored to be hostage in St. Louis.
She’ll have to pass through Walker Warren District, Perry Meridian District, and Indiana State Championship to fulfill her destiny.

Autonomous reveal video courtesy of HBR

Love the name!

I particularly love that invisible chain you’re using on the intake :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, looks like a nice, simple robot. Best of luck at your events!

Thanks. We got it from 1714.

A close observer will notice this is actually a picture of Dozette’s twin sister, Ms. Plowie. Dozette will have a few more surprises up her sleeve as the season continues.